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Some recent comments about Mick’s readings:

Thank you

I appreciate your guidance on a particular individual and you were right. Sadly this person is not good news for me. New year.and I’m going through a clear out of out with the old and in with the new. It has hurt but it will be a blessing in the long run. Ready to move on. Thanks again and appreciate you not sugar coating it.

Fingers crossed 05/01/2019 21:11:32


Clear and on point truly.

Holly 08/12/2018


Thank you Mick for your reading, I was having a bad day today and your words really helped. I will definitely take your words into consideration. Thank you once again.

Kinha 27/11/2018

An angel

Thank you so much Michael for your time with me, sorry to get emotional and difficult at times, i do appreciate you and your words and encouragement and will take it on board, thank you as always x

Anastasia1993 23/11/2018

Amazing as always

Thank you Mick, it’s always great to have a reading with you. So insightful

Star shine. 22/11/2018

Thank you

Insightful, honest and uplifting

Ellie T 18/11/2018

Great and clear read

Appreciate the clarity and the in-depth details. Positive all round.

Libby88 10/11/2018

excelent reading

Mick gave me an excelent reading today at a very difficult time. He is very sensitive and kind. He read my feelings exactly. Thank you Mick

Tina M 09/11/2018

Thank you very much

Thank you so much Mick we got cut off, thank you as always, you help me so much

Anastasia1993 04/11/2018

Thank you

Mick really helped me today with a huge worry that was hovering over me. I can’t say thank you enough and to highly recommend him. I feel so much better because of nicks healing energy. Thank you.

Taryn 21/10/2018

Kind and honest

I didn't get the chance to thank you for your IM reading which was really helpful to me in my present situation. A very good reader and a quick writer!

Tina M 17/10/2018

Brutal but spot on!

If you want a sugar coated reading then Michael might not be for you but if you want an accurate honest reading with no holds barred then he's your man. Tells it as it is which I'd much prefer. Thank you so much Michael even though it wasn't what I'd hoped for. I'm acting upon what the cards have said

Lizzy 06/10/2018

Very perceptive

 Very perceptive and brilliant advice on online chat. Thanks Michael

Fran294 30/09/2018

Deserves more than a 5*

If you're looking a fairy tale reading then Micheal is not the one for you. I've been having readings with Micheal for months now and he is the ONLY reader who has been completely (sometimes brutally lol) honesty about the person I'm asking about and this is without me giving any information he just knows.. without Michaels help I honestly would let me heart rule over my head! He will guide you with real answers and truths, no silliness just pure answers and guidance on what you need to know.. did I mention he was the best? Thank you so much Michael!

Sapphiremayy  28/09/2018

Wise reading

A very wise, in-depth reading, exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Spirit17 21/09/2018


Thank you so much Michael for your reading. I was so focused in knowing specific answers that the information you have given me is far more useful. You had to repeat for me to understand that waiting at this point in time is not what I should be doing. I will try?

Kinha  20/09/2018

Just from late January 2018… For more just ask