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Some recent comments about Mick’s readings:

Just from August 2019…

Very insightful

On point with my question offered great advice.

Rach 08/12/2019 12:26:03

Great reading

Michael is very honest, straight forward and clear. Thanks for your reading

Millilu 07/12/2019 09:28:27


Precise and honest.

Olga 23/11/2019 22:02:48

So wonderful

Mick thank you for being so honest with me! Truly appreciate this type of reading. No sugar coat but also different perspective when it comes to reading cards. But mostly focus on the reality which really woke me up! I a billion recommend this guy!

Janniele 23/11/2019 09:30:36

Another great reading

Another amazing insightful encounter. Thank you Michael x

Mish140 15/11/2019 10:16:44

Absolutely blown away by Michael's accuracy

Amazing reader, couldn’t have been more right about every aspect if he tried, literally amazing. Thank you so much!

Deedee21 11/11/2019 18:12:52

Thoughtful reading

Michael got me to think of things from a different perspective and was thoughtful in his interpretation of the tarot. I thoroughly recommend him.

Pandora 06/11/2019 17:27:58

Great Chat...

Just had Michael as usual spot on regarding the advice and understanding of the situation. Very pleased. Thank you Michael. X

Mish140 06/11/2019 16:33:48

Absolutely amazing

10000% recommend. Thank you so much.

Rachel-94 02/11/2019 17:31:18

Straight to the point

First of all, Mick, I am sorry that I hadn’t realised the time was running out as I would have extended the session. This reading was very full and honest and Mick is a fast typer with lots to say. He gave me the fundamentals of my character and advice as to how to approach the situation I was asking about. I will find it useful as new appearances arise for me. Thank you Mick.

Pippa 31/10/2019 09:38:33


A wonderful reading, making lots of sense. Thankyou

Vicky mill 29/10/2019 17:29:00

Extremely accurate

Empowering reading. Very accurate. Wonderful knowledge from just 4 cards. Can't recommend highly enough. Brilliant advice providing clarity.

Stef 24/10/2019 17:11:04


Wonderful reader well worth the call

Carmel 23/10/2019 10:07:30


Michael is so incredible at what he does, explains everything with great detail is kind but is honest and doesn’t sugar coat, by far the best reader even when it’s things I may not want to hear I come out of the reading clearer and lighter, a true talent and great man.

Irene Molloy 20/10/2019 16:48:39

Lovely man

Very nice to speak with ! Recommend

Tash 16/10/2019 13:53:13

Wow... wow... wow

I never really do reviews but my God. Very accurate. I had an IM reading and he was very honest, straight to the point. Without me having to explain much and only vague answers he answered every single question I had in mind, very realistic and approachable. He randomly said the persons name I was thinking of without me typing it out or saying this when I asked about my love life. I was shocked and when I scrolled back to the whole chat. The person's name was not mentioned in the chat at all! I was MIND BLOWN. He described me to a T and my situation and gave very good advice too. He's the real deal and out of the pointless readings I've had, he's been the only accurate reader I've had in years. I PROMISE you, you won't regret it. You will come out of a reading with him saying... "finally, someone understands me, gets it, right to the point, is real, is accurate, answers my question, is realistic and actually helps me". Very good.

Hamerah 15/10/2019 20:29:11

I think that it is important to say that not everybody sees my readings as positive. I am sad Dede, but it happens.


not for me

Dede 15/10/2019 17:06:14

Great Chat - Just Now

Thank you Mick for a very insightful chat. I feel as if you reached the heart of the issue. You are truly a very caring and empathetic reader. I will speak to you in January after I leave my current job 31st December. God bless

DW 03/10/2019 18:41:36

Evil, greedy, self-absorbed brother

Saw truth of my situation and straight to point. Understood how i feel and how my problem is affecting me when no one else can truely understand the strain. I obviously have to prepare myself for the battle ahead.

Vivienne 29/09/2019 15:52:58

Helpful & Insightful

Michael was really helpful and insightful. He picked up on past, present and future and also offered me advice on how I can handle my situation once the manifestation comes into play. He needed no feeding/ prompting and yet still managed to pick up on my situation. I await your predictions to come into play and I am thankful. God bless.

Liyah 28/09/2019 20:16:56

"Love Tarot"

Spot on reading on the relationship and the people involved. Provided me with his personal opinion and advice also along with the reading which I asked for and appreciated.

Filip 22/09/2019 13:58:30

Spot on

Very helpful and straight to the point

Luis 16/09/2019 11:42:38

Thank you

Thanks for the advice this morning :)

Spice 10/09/2019 12:11:33

Fantastic and inspiring

Michael, What can I say? You made me feel very confident about the choices I had and you made my mind feel at ease as well. Your reading amazing it gave me high spirts!

Jenny_T 05/09/2019 22:37:14


Thank you Micheal brilliant reading you gave me the push and encouragement I was needing, to know I’m on the right path. xx

Xtina 05/09/2019 21:51:58


Spot on and it was very helpful at this moment. Thanks a million, Michael!

Olga 05/09/2019 18:39:14


Very accurate. Thank you

Yvonne mbayiwa 04/09/2019 17:52:56

Lovely man

Lovely man providing clarity and reassurance. Had me in floods of tears . Such a gift

ML 01/09/2019 15:23:46

Spot on!

Thank you so much for an accurate and spot on reading as always xx

Ellie T 30/08/2019 09:02:22

Wow ! Amazing he can hear messages from spirits

Wow I had a lovely reading from Michael, helped me to find the correct way/path And he could also hear spirits while doing the reading .. lovely man! God blesses all of you! White soul ... ! Xx

Violeta 29/08/2019 21:46:04

Food for thought

some interesting answers, things i didnt really think about. Will definitely look into it more as Michael suggests. Good Reading

CatherineW 27/08/2019 14:15:52

Year gone by so quickly

Mick, again, was quick. To the point. Hopefully right again! I just let him flow as my minutes were low but he got me and the situation spot on. Thank you.

Cassiejh 27/08/2019 12:57:44

Truly Amazing

Truly amazing. Michael is so in depth and understanding to the situation. His accuracy of a person is on point and you feel reassured and at ease. Even through his online chat too. That’s why I rate Michael a 5/5. Thank you.

Mish140 27/08/2019 09:47:05

Lovely reading

A lovey helpful reading that gave me much clarity and insight in to my current situation,

Faye81 20/08/2019 10:55:40

Great reading. Spot on.

The way each card explained was great and it really related. Great advice and very comforting.

MattB 16/08/2019 12:26:25

Very accurate

Thank you. You addressed what was really on my mind.

Kimba16/08/2019 09:59:10

Incredibly helpful

Michael is an incredible support. I had a really difficult day on top of a series of really problematic events this year. He is witty and insightful, really informative and fast on IM. Such a huge help, authentic, insightful and caring reader. 100% recommend Michael he’s a real star and the real deal.

Sar Sar 13/08/2019 18:32:17


Lovely man and a brilliant reader

Annielou  11/08/2019 17:40:57

Incredibly accurate

Mike was lovely and bowled me over from the get go, knew things he couldn’t have unless which he is obviously gifted. Couldn’t recommend more

Irene Molloy 09/08/2019 16:59:54

All of the comments are honest and are unedited. And there are people who are NOT satisfied. Mick is not perfect. But generally, people like what he is able to give. Check for yourself